This site is a collaborative and multidisciplinary space for improving wudhu facilities and performance.

We welcome all kinds of knowledge to affect greater preparations for prayer. e.g. tafsir, plumbing, ethics, design, humour and engineering.


Just one jug guys. One jug.

Wudu (purification) performed by Shaykh Khatri Al…:

Shayk Khatri performs Wudhu

Shaykh Khatri demonstrates the prophetic wudu as taught to him by his teacher with an unbroken chain right back to the Prophet (pbuh)

Anonymous asked
No doubt the masjid management/committee have duties for sanitation but I personally think it is more about the people using them. Why are so many Muslim's hygiene standards so low?! Maybe we also need to look at how they can be educated...


I agree. Conditioning eachother gracefully seems to be the order of the day. 

A list of demands.

Not a mosque committee dude. Here my thoughts if it helps

  1. Facilities to hang your jacket without fear that they will be nicked or fall into the water (ie some hooks close to you)
  2. A full-time cleaner who keeps the place in shape
  3. Drying facilities with actual towels on a roll, not some hot air dryers
  4. Ground heating to aid evaporation in cold days
  5. Engineering technology that solves the problem of cleaning nose without dirtying your clothes when you do wudhu sitting OR solution that allows washing feet without sticking them into the sink when you do wudhu in standing
  6. Soap dispensers
  7. Toilets with a manual shower nob, not some Lotttas
  8. Toilets where you can keep your shoes on as in reality these places are public toilets and filthy
  9. Toilets to sit or to stand? Ideological question? Prefer sit please.

reflections on wudhu areas

in mosques. underground. adjoining toilets. wet. water wasting. smelly. embarrassing anti-dawah.

ablution for Muslims is a part of prayer. if it is good, what follows is good. Christians wouldn’t dare christen their children in a wudu-type enviromnment. yet we venture into one up to 5 times a day apparently seeking enlightenment yet without consideration or knowledge of the above.

the solution? we need to take ownership, and this survey is an important first step.

keep ablution and defecation/urination areas completely separate (should go without saying really).

educate people re. the practical prophetic way, and consider how to physically reduce the rate of water expulsion from taps/consider alternatives. ?prophetic vessel method - everyone keeps banging on about Sunnah!

beautify the areas with nice tiles etc, seeking inspiration from our past. why do we beautify the prayer hall and not the wudu area, if wudu is part of prayer?

think about the most environmentally friendly/practical/hygienic way of post-wudu drying for those who so wish. those noisy ineffective dryers don’t cut it!

have someone who’s duty it is to make sure that area remains clean and dry, and to educate others who don’t get it. 

have some nice incense burning.

good luck with the mosque committees!

Anonymous asked
I suggest you make the survey easier to fill out, that way you would get more participation. The way it is currently on word format, I doubt many people would follow-through, rather they would simply turn around once seeing that. There are many online survey sites which can organize your survey in a very easy and user-friendly manner; I suggest you guys consider that.

Thankyou for your incredibly helpful contribution. The form is intended to be to printed out, filled in and typed up, perhaps embellished with pictures and sent in.  This isn’t a consumer satisfaction survey or a moan poll. Jk

The Wudhu Area Survey Crowdsource


Are you interested in cleaner wudhu areas?

Can you spare a little time?

If your answer is yes to both of the above, we would like you to help us collect robust and live data for the Wudhu Area Studies project.

To do this we have designed a survey form for you to investigate your local masjid / prayer room and inshAllah share the data with us.

The survey form can be downloaded in word document format here.

If GoogleDocuments is easier for you why not access the form from there?